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The Jane's Walk Project Office has moved! Peek out of our new windows

Nadia Halim, March 11, 2015

The Jane’s Walk Project Office has moved into a new space at the corner of Avenue Road and Bloor Street, in Toronto, Canada. (Yes, Toronto has a street named Avenue Road.) We have a great view! From our window, we can see two of the city’s most iconic buildings: the CN Tower and the Royal Ontario Museum.

It’s a busy downtown intersection, with a lot of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Looking straight down, we can see the crosswalks. Our friend Michael Schwanzer is developing a mini timelapse camera called the Zeitdice, and we asked him to position one of his prototypes in the window overnight. Here’s what it saw:

Bloor Street & Avenue Rd Crosswalk Time-lapse from Jane's Walk Office Toronto, made with a Zeitdice from Michael Schwanzer on Vimeo.

The timelapse reveals patterns of traffic that a quick glance at the intersection doesn’t show. The foot traffic drops off dramatically after dark, though there are still lots of cars; night buses begin to run along Bloor Street after the subways have stopped running, around 2 am. You can also see the shadows and reflections from the office towers and ROM slide across the sidewalk as the sun moves across the sky.

While we love our view of the cityscape and our spacious new digs, our office walls are still looking a little bare. Help us out—send us a postcard! We’ll tweet out pictures of cards we receive, and pin them up to brighten the room.

Send postcards, or anything else you need to mail us, to:

Jane's Walk c/o Avana Capital

170 Bloor St West, Suite 804

Toronto, ON M5S 1T9


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