Watch: EveryBody Walk! Summit videos

EveryBody Walk! has released 33 short videos from their 2013 Walking Summit, exploring a range of ideas for improving walkability and promoting walking.

Claire Nelischer, January 29, 2014

EveryBody Walk! has released 33 short videos from their 2013 Walking Summit! With a range of presenters and a diversity of topics, each video shares a local walking story.

The videos are from the Walking Summit held last October in Washington, DC, “to get America walking”. With audience members representing over 200 nonprofit, civic and business organizations throughout the United States and Canada the Walking Summit explored strategies to increase walking and promote local walkability.

Presenters from a range of fields including health, education, community development, and urban planning, stressed the benefits that walking can bring to a community. Footage of many of the Walking Summit presentations has been compiled into 33 short-running films, all streaming on YouTube--interesting and inspiring messages that emphasize the central importance of walking to overall community well-being.

Find out more about EveryBody Walk! on their website, and access the “Walking as a Way of Life” brochure.

Image: Jane's Walk 2013: Toronto, Ontario, Canada | "PARC and Peggy Nash MP Present – Belly Full" | Guided by Bob Rose & Peggy Nash | Photo by Margaux Yiu | |


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