Well, here's exciting news: Jane's Walk has a new book!

Over thirty contributing cities collaborated on this, our first ever Jane's Walk book: A collection of stories about what can happen when people get together and go for a walk.

Denise Pinto, December 18, 2013

In Guadalajara, they made a citizen’s crosswalk by tracking paint across the road. In Zurich, they took turns wearing blindfolds and being led through a busy shopping concourse. In Calcutta they ventured out to the wetlands at the city’s brink; in Ottawa and Colchester, children led tours of their favourite parks. In these and nearly a hundred other cities around the globe, people from all walks of life organized and participated in Jane’s Walks – walking conversations about the stories, ideas and issues that animate the places where they live. In this inaugural edition of the Jane’s Walk Annual, they share those conversations, in their own words and pictures.

This book is about what can happen when people get together and go for a walk.

Dozens of walkers, walk leaders, and City Organizers sent us photos and descriptions of their Jane's Walk experiences. The stories are funny, heartwarming, eye-opening, and inspiring. They showcase the things we have in common—our shared concerns about our children, our environment, our cities' economies—and the ways in which we are unique.

To purchase the Softcover version, click here

To purchase the Hardcover edition (which includes a $10 donation to the Jane's Walk Project), click here.

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